Who We Are

Sibol na Agham at Teknolohiya, Inc. (SIBAT) advocates and develops groundbreaking technologies using science and technology that are appropriate for community development in service of the Filipino people.

SIBAT believes that Appropriate Technology (AT) application directly responds to the needs of poor communities, thus, uplifts the people’s day-to-day living while preserving their natural environment.

To achieve its mission in serving poor communities, SIBAT uses AT as its main instrument in doing its core competencies: the Community-Based Sustainable Agriculture (CBSA) and the Community-Based Renewable Energy Systems (CBRES)

SIBAT had pioneered the complementation of these two competencies among and within different non-government organizations (NGOs) and people’s organizations (POs) that pursue development work in the Philippines and outside the country.

Presently, SIBAT promotes the community-based Village-Level Sustainable Development (VLSD)model that integrates AT applications with sustainable agriculture programs based on community-crafted plans.

These plans result from the participatory approach characterized by the NGO-PO-SIBAT collaboration.

SIBAT does research and development on sustainable agriculture and renewable energy to continuously improve its current competencies by working closely with poor communities in making technologies relevant and responsive to community needs.

This is done by building the capabilities of community organizations and other civil society partners.

SIBAT aims to involve majority of the marginalized sectors such as farmers, women, and indigenous peoples in its AT-focused projects through partnership with local governments, NGOs,POs, Church-based groups, academe, and other entities.

SIBAT supports policy advocacy on AT applications in sustainable agriculture by convening NGOs and POs to share innovations, positive experiences, and related issues. Along with the NGO-PO community, it  also advocates AT with the government and encourages its support.