Sibol is an outlet for organic products of small rural farmers and producers in the country. From farmer’s gardens and fields, fresh healthy produce are brought to  Manila consumers through Sibol People’s Place.IMG_6747

Sibol offers a wide array of products that are grown organically following Philippine Basic Standards. These are processed and packaged according to standards of safety and hygiene to satisfy our consumers.

Sibol Eco Cafe serves delicious organic lunch at affordable prizes, satisfying customers from walks of life. Presented in a simple garden setting at 137 Matatag Street, Barangay Central, the diverse and innovatively prepared food is an inviting treat to health conscious customers.

Sibol  is a social enterprise operated by SIBAT, to benefit small organic farmers and producers, and to benefit consumers through its healthy and organic products. Its promotion of organic products helps drive conversion of small farms from chemical agriculture, and thus helps reduce chemical inputs and chemical-based practices within the conventional agriculture landscape of Tarlac province.

Address: 137 Matatag St. Barangay Central, Diliman, Quezon City

Contact Person: Mr. Sonny Lato (736-4041)

Facebook Page: Sibol's People Organic Place Eco Shop and Cafe