Lessons from the Field:
An Assessment of SIBAT’s Experiences on Community Based Micro Hydro Power Systems

This book was produced to provide a summative evaluation of SIBAT’s community-based renewable energy systems (CBRES) towards further development of the CBRES framework in order to enhance its significance and sustainability as a strategy for Philippine rural development.

Modules on Documenting Organic Rice Production
PAN-AP & SIBAT in collaboration with KUDUMBAN-LIESA Network, RRAFA & Gita Pertiwi

This compilation of modules provides a valuable guide for paddy farmers and extension workers in their efforts to promote organic rice production and other sustainable agriculture practices.

The Great Rice Robbery
A Handbook on the Impact of IRRI in Asia

This resource book on IRRI highlights the serious impacts of IRRI’s actions and its close ties with the agrochemical industry. This is a tribute to the peasant rice farmers and agricultural workers especiallly in Asia who have suffered and are still suffering the full brunt of IRRI’s failed experimentation through the Green Revolution.